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Samantha and Edward Bowen have setup a new a dedicated geophysical consultancy to offer clients more choice, better access to the industry’s leading consultants and greater cost savings.

As former shareholders of the EPI Group, they have a wealth of commercial experience, a strong leadership style and a hands-on approach to looking after clients and consultants alike.

The business is setup fully capitalised, has no borrowing and is attracting a number of recognised industry consultants who appreciate a ‘personal touch’.

Samantha Bowen commented ‘There is a lack of choice in the market today, which is dominated by only a handful of players and we are well positioned to put clients and consultants as part of the same family.’

Edward Bowen added: ‘We are really excited to be able to take a clean sheet of paper and properly focus on the clients, geographies and services which add the most value.’ 

EDR – ‘When the right choice matters’

The new website launched on 1st September 2018.

Samantha Bowen