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About us

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Core Finance: CEO Interview.

September 2019. Malcolm Graham-Wood is joined by Edward Bowen, CEO of EDR.

Who we are

We’re a geophysical consultancy bringing together a highly skilled team of consultants to support operator exploration and development work programs for worldwide operations.

The business is led by Edward and Samantha Bowen. Their previous roles were as CEO and Managing Director of the EPI Group, which together with the founders, was successfully sold to Private Equity in 2014. Collectively, they a wealth of commercial experience, a strong leadership style and a hands-on approach to looking after clients and consultants alike.

Our world class team provides for a lean management structure, quick decision making and a no-nonsense approach to business.

We do this with a combination of associates and staff to ensure a harmonious balance of resource, technical skillset and unique experience in support of a number of IOCs, NOCs and Independents.

Our approach

Traditional Consulting & Advisory

We have a bespoke selection process and an exceptional understanding of client’s requirements with relevant hands on experience to safely support clients in a wide variety of hostile, remote and challenging environments.

Risk & Reward

We undertake work on a risk-reward basis which is a proven model in many other industries. This keeps us on our toes and performing to the highest ethical, technical and commercial standards.

Seismic vessel in dock - EDR Geophysical Consultants

What makes Us unique

We listen - We act - We deliver

There are no corporate agendas, board room power struggles, external funders or long-term debt convents to distract us from looking after our clients. It’s about listening, finding solutions and delivery… It’s as simple as that.

Registered in several jurisdictions

We’re registered in the UK, Europe and the Channel Islands. We work in a wide selection of European, African and Americas countries.

Global Experience

We are able to draw on a large number of industry recognised consultants to support our staff in bringing relevant experience to your projects. We understand how to achieve the right blend of resource, skillset and expertise.

The personal/family touch

You want to work with someone you like, you can trust and who will help you. This is our business and it’s our family.