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Insource a scalable team of experts to manage your asset portfolio.

We put together tailored teams of highly skilled, multidisciplinary specialists to run entire exploration, production and development assets for and on behalf of Operators.

This model is becoming increasingly adopted to help upscale efficiently and cost effectively, particularly given the fast paced changing market dynamics.

EP&D Insource® offers you flexibility, world class resources and a ready made team.

Why consider EP&D Insource®

  • Overall G&A reduction

  • Highly specialised resources used only as needed

  • Specialist software built into the service

  • Simplified procurement processes

  • Strict cost control

  • Highly scalable

Risk & Reward

We undertake work on a risk-reward basis which is a proven model in many other industries. This keeps us on our toes and performing to the highest ethical, technical and commercial standards. Examples include deferred consideration, fixed pricing and KPI milestone incentivisation.

Please give us a call to discuss how we can tailor a solution to solve your challenges.

An example subsurface team:

We recently put together an operator team consisting of a Geophysicist and Subsurface Manager, Reservoir Engineer and Advisor, Petroleum Geologist and Economist as well as a Development Geologist using the EP&D Insource® model.

Oil rig in open ocean at dusk - EDR geophysical consultancy