Geophysical operations


Geophysical operations

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We possess the skills to assist in managing an exploration or development program either on behalf of clients or as part of an integrated team.

We support both conventional and unconventional resource plays in the offshore, onshore and transition zone environments, globally. We have a multi-disciplinary team who can work across the globe, leveraging a broad portfolio of project experience to support your operations.

Geophysical operations support includes:

  • Field Quality Control (client representatives)

  • Project and Operations Management

  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Management

  • Training 

  • Vessel Inspections (OVID & eCMID)

Seismic operations support includes:

  • Planning and tendering

  • Survey design

  • Project Management

  • Project Managers

  • Seismic, Geodetic and Hydrographic QC

  • Field Processing QC

  • HSE QC

  • HSE Audits

  • MMO, PAM systems & operators

  • Mountaineers / Land Transport Coordinators

  • Technical audit

  • Project start-up and testing

  • Crew optimisation

Oil rig in open ocean at dusk - EDR geophysical consultancy